Ronald K. Brind

C.S. Lewis in Oxford

A Guide for Visitors

No Shrine, Memorial, Museum, Memorabilia or Visitor Centre

There is no Shrine, Memorial, Museum, Memorabilia or Visitor Centre in Oxford for C S Lewis, absolutely nothing! So having planned a pilgrimage to Oxford to follow in his footsteps the sad and disgraceful fact is that during your visit you will be unable to find anything in Oxford that shows appreciation for his work.

Not even a visitor centre in memory of this great man in Oxford and certainly no mention of Mr and Mrs C S Lewis, I think it’s truly disgraceful.

You may indulge a few quiet moments if you find Holy Trinity Church in Headington Quarry open, where brothers Clive Staples Lewis (Jack) and Warren Hamilton Lewis (Warnie) worshiped for nearly 31 years and where their final resting place is in the Churchyard!

There is no C S Lewis memorabilia to purchase during your visit to Oxford despite my trying to negotiate a license with the C S Lewis Company for same. No postcards, no greetings cards to send back home, nothing! That said, sometimes a few items of merchandise are available at Holy Trinity Church on a table that measures about three feet by two feet at the back of the Church, but again you have to arrive on a day when the Church is open!

I happen to believe in years to come, maybe another two hundred years or more that we will have a Saint C S Lewis; with the intelligent beings of the day reading references such as this and wondering why on earth wasn’t he recognized in the City of Oxford, England, the UK and finally throughout the World?

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