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C.S. Lewis in Oxford

A Guide for Visitors

The Randolph Hotel, Beaumont Street, Oxford

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Why not visit the Morse Bar (formerly Chapters Bar) situated just inside the hotel’s lobby to the left as you approach the hotel reception. It is well worth a visit and you may even bump into Colin Dexter who wrote the Inspector Morse novels. It was in the Randolph hotel that some of the filming for ‘Shadowlands’ took place and where C S Lewis received an honorary Doctor of Letters from Laval University, Quebec in 1952.

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This original Chapters Bar toughened glass feature was removed from the Randolph Hotel when the Chapters Bar was refurbished to make way for the Morse Bar. It stood behind the bar counter and was in situ when many VIP’s including ex US President Bill Clinton visited. Anthony Hopkins and C S Lewis were also familiar with the hotel bar during the filming of Shadowlands. Author Colin Dexter has been known to frequent the Morse Bar, whilst Kevin Whately (Sergeant Lewis) and the Late John Thaw (Detective Chief Inspector Endeavour Morse) of the Inspector Morse novels also frequented the bar during filming (confirmed by the photographs that hang in the bar to the left of the main entrance as you enter the hotel) along with many other VIP’s from all over the world!

A reference to the Morse Bar, formerly the Chapters Bar in the Randolph Hotel, Oxford and a photograph of the hotel can be seen on page 157 in my book titled ‘A Guide to the C S Lewis Tour in Oxford’. (No1 in photographs, description and tick boxes at the rear).

This original glass is a very beautiful item in the shape of a Gothic window, with the Randolph Hotel Crest (three severed Elk heads, or similar) surrounded by scroll work with the words Chapters Bar underneath, etched or engraved on the reverse. The edges are nicely polished so no sharp or rough edges and the base shows three one inch fixing holes which are also polished. The same Hotel Crest can still be seen in the Morse Bar above the fireplace.

I was informed by a Manager at the hotel that it was specially commissioned at a cost of nearly £8,000 but have no way to confirm this as the manager has passed away. This original toughened glass feature has the BS 6206 mark and the letters MSSG and MS within the circle on the bottom right hand corner.

My thoughts are that this glass would make a fantastic internal feature window and/or a coffee table top, or it could be used as it was designed, as a beautiful feature behind a public, or Private Bar. The glass is in very good condition with four or five scratches that I can see, but considered minor in view of the age, and which may or may not polish out. No attempt has been made to clean or polish out any of these marks which are quite difficult to determine.

This Chapters Bar toughened glass feature is genuine and really did come from what is now the Morse Bar, formerly the ‘Chapters Bar’ in the Randolph Hotel, Beaumont Street, Oxford, UK and I have little doubt that it will be able to be seen in early filming.

Written confirmation of authenticity and legal ownership on Randolph Hotel Letterhead can be provided to buyer.

Glass feature specifications – all approximate.

Overall height: 3 feet 11 inches (1200 mm)

Overall width: 31:1/2 inches reducing to 19.50 inches at top. (800 and 500 mm)

Thickness of glass: 1/2 inch (12.5 mm). Weight: Approximately 110 pounds (50 kilo’s)

Colour: Clear with etching or engraving of the Randolph hotel crest on the reverse, as can be seen in the Morse Bar above the fireplace, in the hotel today.

Buyer agrees to pay for all additional costs for example insurance, shipping, duty, packaging, transport and handling. For further information please contact the owners:

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