Ronald K. Brind

C.S. Lewis in Oxford

A Guide for Visitors

Maureen, later Lady Dunbar of Hempriggs

Maureen, the daughter of Mrs Janie King-Moore would later inherit the Kilns Estate from her mother, as her mother’s name was solely on the deeds. The whole Estate where the Lewis brothers lived most of their lives with a so-called ‘Right of Life Tenancy’ was worth just over seventy four thousand pounds.

Titled ‘Lady Dunbar of Hempriggs’ it is my opinion is that she alone was responsible for the demise of the Kilns even though she sought Warnies’ agreement on documents that would soon turn the Orchard in to seven building plots.

To make matters worse an eighth property was to be built in front of the ‘Kilns’ (meaning the former home as you see it today) which really upset Warnie when he realized what was happening. The new property blocked his view of the lake and woodlands completely, but it was too late he had already signed documents, probably after having consumed a little too much alcohol.

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