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Read a detailed and intensely personal account of C S Lewis’s life in my ebook titled ‘C S Lewis in Oxford: A Guide for Visitors’ available from Amazon

1). It’s great – get a copy now!!  I Perry July 18, 2013 – Australia (5 star rating)

If you have any interest at all in C.S. Lewis, then you really must get a copy of this book. There is simply nothing like it anywhere else. I say that from the perspective of one who has known and loved the works of Lewis since I first started to read them as a schoolboy in 1960. I now have a collection of over 50 books by or about Lewis, including most of the biographies. These usually focus on his extraordinary achievements in the academic world, as an author, and as a champion of Christian belief.

What makes Ron’s book so interesting is that he shows us Lewis from quite a different perspective. Here we experience the context of Lewis’s daily life – the places where he lived, worked, worshiped, and relaxed with his friends. Environment was really important for Lewis – when he first arrived in Oxford he wrote to his father “The place has surpassed my wildest dreams: I never saw anything so beautiful”. In his works of fiction the environment was always wonderfully evoked. Just think of the Narnia stories, or the Ransom Trilogy.

This book is a wonderful introduction to Oxford as Lewis would have experienced it, and the people that he knew there. An earlier version came out as a printed book several years ago. This eBook version is a big improvement:

1. A lot of the material has been revised and it now includes some useful maps.
2. There are many links within the document so that you can take your own path through it with just the click of a mouse.
3. It is in colour!

Best of all is the price. I live in Australia and the online cost was just ($A 6.63). Here you would spend more than that buying two cups of coffee and a piece of cake! What are you waiting for?

2). Many interesting anecdotes, but a lot to take in. E Lever July 30, 2013 – UK (5 star rating)

Ron’s book makes a valiant attempt to blend a concise biography of C.S. Lewis with a tourist guide of Oxford. This is quite a challenge to combine the life of a complex author such as Lewis with the sights of a richly varied city such as Oxford.

Although he is of a younger generation than Lewis, Ron writes uniquely as someone who was born close to where Lewis lived in Oxford and knew people close to the Lewis household.

The reader of Ron’s guide is taken around the various places in Oxford where Lewis lived, worked and socialized.

Following Ron’s tour would be invaluable for anyone wanting an insight into Lewis’s every-day life in Oxford.

Ron does not attempt to go much into Lewis’s philosophy and concentrates more on personal anecdotes. As such, the guide is not intended as a book for the philosophy student where many other books already do this.

My only reservation is that there is an overload of information. Oxford is a city containing so much heritage that to fully appreciate the depth of this guide, a visitor would need to take some time and make a number of visits to Oxford.

3). First Class ebook: Rusty Ruth. August 9, 2013 – UK (5 star rating)

This has got to be one of the best eBooks I’ve ever read. An absolute delight for the reader. It is nice to read a guide book with a difference and this certainly is different. The author has gone to a tremendous effort to make this book as interesting and interactive for the reader/tourist as possible.

It is crammed with information, coloured photographs, maps and best of all links to web sites that give further detail and information about the subject matter. It is dead easy to use and navigating through the various sections is seamless.

I read this book on my iPhone, the links to the web pages and maps opened without any problem over 3G as well as wi-fi, so it is perfect to carry around whilst exploring Oxford.

Reading some of the ‘adventures’ from the authors youth certainly made me laugh out loud, I won’t go into detail and spoil your fun. Do not travel to Oxford without this book

4). Useful information here: Heidi Kortman August 20, 2013 (3 star rating)

The author has had years of experience guiding tours through Oxford. His descriptions are vivid, and he offers some personal stories. If I were planning to return soon, I’d be sure to take this along.
5). Great ebook, nothing else like it. A must for visitors to Oxford. Dan1027 September 12, 2013 USA (5 star rating)

This book is a great companion for seeing all the C.S. Lewis related sights in Oxford. I am from the U.S. and had never been to Oxford but found the ebook very easy to use. This book is almost as good as having your own personal tour guide. I don’t think it is possible to see all the important C.S. Lewis sights without this book.

This ebook is completely self-contained. It has a suggested order of places to stop, descriptions of each place with intimate detail, maps, and information about the people in C.S. Lewis’ life. I am a lifelong C.S. Lewis fan but I still learned a lot as the author described his personal life experiences with Lewis. I highly recommend this ebook if you are going to Oxford and want to see the C.S. Lewis sights. There really isn’t anything else like it available and the price is very reasonable.

Also, the book is flexible enough to allow you to hit the high points described in the tour in less than 2 hours, or you can spend all day and soak everything in. One suggestion if you are on a budget- rent a bike rather than taking taxis or the bus. I biked from downtown Oxford to the Kilns in less than 30 minutes.

6). Wonderful reference! C S Lewis in Oxford: A Guide for Visitors. Bill Tillman September 19, 2013 USA (5 star rating)

Here is a delightful non fiction book about C. S. Lewis and his home town of Oxford, UK. You do not have to be planning a trip to Oxford to get real benefit from this light book. This is Brind’s second book on Lewis & it is packed with wonderful insights into the life and times of Lewis.

7). A very interesting and lengthy read, but one that I have thoroughly enjoyed. Donna Crook UK September 12, 2o13 (5 star rating)

It contains lots of information such as contact details, links and maps making this an ideal companion for the visitor to Oxford looking to follow in the footsteps of C. S. Lewis. The author shares anecdotes that will make you smile, with your imagination perhaps recalling your own youth, making it all the more engaging.

A good read and the visitor guide is a bonus.

8). Fantastic! Nicki September 8, 2013 UK (5 star rating)

I live in Oxfordshire and I can truthfully say that I believe followers of C S Lewis to Oxford City and the surrounding area will benefit greatly by purchasing this ebook. It really is crammed full of contact details, maps, links and information about a man who Oxford has seemingly forgotten. I suggest you don’t leave home without it because it will allow you to negotiate a very busy city whilst being of tremendous help when trying to locate the places of interest regarding C S Lewis. The author has put together a positively unique document for sure and I would recommend it wholeheartedly!

9). Fun Reading! Sabina September 6, 2013 USA (5 star rating)

A unique perspective to C. S. Lewis’s life in Oxford

Exceedingly engaging, I will not travel to Oxford without this book.

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