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C.S. Lewis in Oxford

A Guide for Visitors

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The Lewis legacy in Oxford

Preserving the Lewis legacy in Oxford has been a challenge to say the least, with most ‘Brits’ unable or unprepared to help me, or yet even recognize C S Lewis and his former home, which is currently in the hands of it’s American owners.

Put bluntly, I want the former home back in the hands of the British people as I believe it’s part of our Christian Heritage and so despite being told it will never happen by Stan Mattson (Founder and President CSLF). However, I believe public opinion and cash will one day turn the tide.

I have invested my time and personal cash in an Oxford tour, that has previously operated for nearly 8 years, a paperback tour guide published in 2005, a recent ebook guide for visitors and paid for hosting on several websites for many years, in an attempt to grow the name C S Lewis in Oxford (the name of this site of course) so why am I not further forward with this venture?

The answer is funding. I have had to scrape around for funding, living from hand to mouth, indeed anything that I ever needed to promote C S Lewis has come solely from my own pocket, but push finally comes to shove I need help please.

I don’t receive and never have received huge donations to help the cause like some. Therefore if you feel able to help me in anyway whatsoever I would love to hear from you, whether it be via email or maybe a donation via PayPal using a Donate button to (please add code CSLIO in the subject line).

The domain name was registered some time ago and I fully intend in due course, to set up the C S Lewis Foundation here in England; the indisputable home of C S Lewis!

Under no circumstances am I connected in anyway whatsoever with the Foundation in Redlands, California, USA who use the words ‘C S Lewis Foundation’ in their website thus have chosen to use another  domain name from which to run their organization. That said, I cannot begin to imagine why they didn’t register the particular domain names that I own. Clearly they didn’t want them, or didn’t think they would help their cause, so naturally I believe I own two ‘gems’ that go right to the heart of what needs to be done here in the Britain.

I am prepared to sell the domain name for what I consider to be an appropriate sum and invite offers,  but I am under no illusion and will not be relying on that. In the event it were purchased I would still continue with my passion to return the former home to Britain one day.

Thank you in anticipation dear friends of C S Lewis.

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