Ronald K. Brind

C.S. Lewis in Oxford

A Guide for Visitors

Clive Staples Lewis (1898-1963)

Was a prolific writer in many fields; some of his most notable titles such as The Screwtape Letters, Mere Christianity, The Problem of Pain discuss religion and his own passionate commitment after a period of uncertainty.

He is perhaps best known among children for the books in his Chronicles of Narnia series that are gradually being produced as films. Yet, during his time at the Kilns, the Oxford home he moved to in 1930 and lived until his death in 1963, the magnitude of his contribution to literature was scarcely recognized. He and his older brother Warren Hamilton Lewis (Warnie) were simply known as the Professor and the Major respectively.

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Part of a review pasted to Amazon by E Lever reads:

Following Ron’s tour would be invaluable for anyone wanting an insight into Lewis’s every-day life in Oxford. Ron does not attempt to go much into Lewis’s philosophy and concentrates more on personal anecdotes. As such, the guide is not intended as a book for the philosophy student where many other books already do this.

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