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C S Lewis and Mrs Janie King-Moore; lovers?

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I believe there was a relationship between Jack and Mrs Moore and therefore the suggestion of a relationship between them very credible, based on the bedroom arrangements at the Kilns. When you see the Kilns (as per the photograph in the header) you will notice two dormer windows at the rear of the property, I think they give us a real clue, even though most would not wish to even consider it.

It was always a delicate subject on tour, but I always made the point that I had no wish to besmirch the good name of C S Lewis and suggested that what may have been seen to be acceptable on one side of the fence, may well be totally unacceptable on the other. But when all is said and done Jack had man’s normal needs!

As you face the house from the rear, the left hand dormer window was Janie King-Moores bedroom and Jacks bedroom was to the right. However, the internal staircase only allowed access to Janie King-Moores bedroom, so for Jack to go to bed, and maybe get up during the night to use the bathroom, or get up in the morning, he would have had to go through Janie King-Moores bedroom! My personal opinion is that no man on this earth would be given ad hoc permission to walk through a ladies bedroom, unless there was some sort of arrangement, or relationship between them!

Towards the end of Mrs Moores life as she suffered dementia the relationship soured, and she was very difficult with Jack. She refused to let him use her bedroom as a thoroughfare any longer! So what was Jack to do, as I have mentioned above it was the only way in or out of his bedroom!

In fact, because Jack wanted to keep his room that looked out over the lake and woodlands, he had a narrow doorway cut into the rectangular window on the gable end of the property.  A staircase was built, which is still there today, as is the door. He had access to his bedroom again, but after the death of Mrs Janie King-Moore in 1951 Jack used her bedroom once again, as his study.

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