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C.S. Lewis in Oxford

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BBOWT and Narnia


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The Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust (BBOWT) were gifted approximately 5 acres of land to the rear of Lewis’ garden in 1969 by Dora Stephen, wife of Henry Stephen who owned the property that was literally built in Lewis’ back garden.

Although Warnie had agreed to the sale of the plot of land with Mrs Janie King-Moores daughter Maureen, he was most distressed when he actually realized what was happening, because the new property completely blocked the view from the Lewis household, to what has been described many times as the ‘Land of Narnia’.

One can only assume that Warnie had agreed to sell the plot of land whilst under the influence of alcohol! The property was purchased by Mr and Mrs H Stephen and it was Dora who wanted to pass title of the land as a gift to BBOWT in memory of her husband Henry.

Today the woodland is known as the C S Lewis Reserve in memory of Henry Stephen! I personally think this is outrageous and suggest that it should be known as the Henry Stephen Reserve in memory of C S Lewis.

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