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C.S. Lewis in Oxford

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Ronald K Brind was born in Risinghurst, Headington, Oxford just a couple of hundred yards away from C. S. Lewis’s former home, known the world over as the ‘Kilns’.

Despite being just 10 years of age, I would visit the Kilns with a shotgun and fishing rod under my arm almost daily, to hunt and shoot for the dinner table, that was how we lived in those days.

Having negotiated the narrow, often muddy, pot holed lane about 100 yards up to the house I would nervously knock on the dining room window at the back of the property (as you approach from Kiln Lane) and shout through the window asking for Jack or Warnie’s permission to fish and shoot in the lake and woodland beyond (Narnia as some believe). Both Mr Lewis (Jack) and the Major really were likeable, but grumpy looking old men, but I honestly didn’t know at the time who was Jack and who was Warnie. When apart, they really did look very much like each other!

A shotgun license in those days, which I held quite legally could be purchased over the counter from the local Post Office for just ten shillings per year, the equivalent of fifty pence, or half of a Great Britain Pound today!

But soon two new boys arrived to compete in my ‘territory’ at the Kilns: Douglas and David Gresham. I got very friendly with Douglas and was soon invited into the Kilns brushing past the jacket tails of C S Lewis (Jack) as Douglas referred to him. It wasn’t long before he was ‘Jack’ to me also, but little did I realize that this man was to change the hearts and minds of millions of people throughout the world, indeed continues to do so! Neither did I think for one minute that some fifty years later I would be offering a tour in Oxford for visitors from all over the world (although not currently available) as well has having written my book referred to below, in an attempt to preserve the Lewis legacy.

The original guidebook (no longer available) was first published years ago and refers to many locations such as The Randolph Hotel, Martyrs Memorial, St John’s College, The Eagle and Child, Keble College, Magdalen College, Magdalen College School, J R R Tolkiens former home, Joy Davidmans former home, The Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre (NOC), the Wingfield Hospital, Holy Trinity Church, the Lewis brother’s grave, the Kilns, Barton Crematorium and more besides. There is also a complete list of names of the group of 19 men known as the ‘Inklings’ included with their dates of birth, deaths and professions at the time.

But there is even better news now, because I have updated the aforementioned guidebook, which has allowed me to work with publishers Greenbrier Book Company to produce my ebook “C. S. Lewis in Oxford: A Guide for Visitors” that grew out of the questions visitors posed as I led them on the tour to Magdalen College (where Jack taught for nearly 30 years), the Eagle and Child public house, where the Inklings often gathered and where beer has been sold from the pub since 1650!
I also explain where you can find Jack Lewis’s first “digs” meaning accommodation, an awkwardly shaped building somehow on Mansfield Road and many other of C. S. Lewis’s well-known haunts in Oxford that are now ‘doable’ whether it be via the guidebook or my latest ebook where you can see it and read about it ‘on the day’.

My ebook is much more than a simple travel guide “C. S. Lewis in Oxford: A Guide for Visitors” provides powerful insights into the life and times of C S Lewis. This digital book is your ideal travel companion when you follow the footsteps of Jack Lewis across the City of Oxford that he loved.

Read a detailed and intensely personal account of C S Lewis’s life in my ebook titled ‘C S Lewis in Oxford: A Guide for Visitors’ available from Amazon at both and

I am pleased and proud to present to you the information contained in my ebook because I know that as a Visitor to our beautiful Oxford City that it will help you greatly to find the places you have probably waited a lifetime to see.
My sincere thanks go to US Publishers Greenbrier Book Company for their friendly and professional help in making my ebook “C. S. Lewis in Oxford: A Guide for Visitors” possible.
However, in the event you wish to purchase a copy of my original paperback guidebook (whilst stocks last) to self-tour during your visit to Oxford City then I suggest you contact a store in Broad Street, Oxford called Flaggs – a gift shop that is well worth visiting for memorabilia and souvenirs who generally keep my book in stock, but who will now have limited stock.
‘A Guide to the C S Lewis Tour in Oxford’
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